Destination Promotion

Mapping the Community Landscape

We map a city using advanced visualization techniques, 360 degree cameras, augmented reality, and graphical information systems. We work with subject matter experts, tourist bureaus and the academic community to digitize each community. Assets can be presented as text and images, videos or augmented and virtual reality.

Stage 1

Text & Pictures


360 Video


Interactive Video


Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality


Each document is “wrapped” in a advertising tag so when scanned the embedded tagged document triggers a variable scenariosand automatically transmits behavioural analytics to each stakeholder.

City maps, cards and flyers are beautifully designed to provide tourists with information about your location. Using our technology, the printed material comes to life through any number of actions, enabling a virtually unlimited range of possibilities to make your customers’ experiences more lively and interactive: from simple text and image to immersive virtual reality.



The what, where, when and why of your community

As visitors walk through the city, geo-fences and beacons trigger different scenarios giving the user access to information in real- time.

When a visitor gets to a point of interest, they can scan an Augmented Reality target to get more information, get a coupon, or admission ticket.

Our Visitors application allows any consumer to connect with either the tourist or cultural bureau to find out more information, or connect directly with the service provider, whether this be a museum, historic house or service provider.

map your community in 3 easy steps

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